Livable Streets

Why is San Francisco so dirty?

Our city has become complacent about the level of clutter, vandalism, and filth plaguing our streets, sidewalks, and parks. We’ve legislated mandates for best-practice design and cleanliness standards, yet in many neighborhoods, we’re still failing.

If you’ve had enough, join with us.

Clean and safe is just the beginning.

Together we make SF beautiful by:

  • Finding funds to clean our alleys, sidewalks, and transit stations.
  • Curbing graffiti vandalism.
  • Investing in infrastructure that improves streetscapes and connectivity.
  • Keeping clutter off sidewalks.

Cleanliness of our public places is one of the most important factors contributing to quality of life, public health, perceptions of safety, and civic pride – yet human feces, needles, trash, and grime on the sidewalks are commonplace in many San Francisco neighborhoods.

Livable Streets


There are 2,612 streets in SF, which travel 1,260 miles.
"The role of the street is social as well as utilitarian."
Andres Duany
co-founder of Congress for New Urbanism

What We've Done