Civic Character

Why is San Francisco so special?

We believe that our city is an expression of our character. There are innumerable elements that combine to make this city unique, beautiful, and livable. Our diversity, waterfront, neighborhoods, skyline and views, architecture, cable cars, and public art all support our unique character.

Our unique character inspires the world – artists, activists, 49ers, techies, and hippies have all made their way to San Francisco to find their fortune and shape our future. Our character has a value and deserves to be protected and cultivated.

What do you love about San Francisco?

The things that you love about San Francisco are the things that we’re fighting to protect. Join us.

Together we make SF beautiful by:

  • Protecting our skyline.
  • Preserving our history.
  • Funding public art.
  • Conducting community-centered neighborhood planning.
Civic Character


Your walking speed is a clue to which city you live in.

Most Popular Attractions*

Chinatown 95%
Fisherman's Wharf 71%
Golden Gate Park 77%
Cable Cars 60%

* Data from SF Travel and SF Chronicle

“Our public spaces are as profound as we allow them to be."
Candy Chang

What We've Done