Refuse Refuse


Refuse Refuse is on a mission to motivate fellow San Franciscans to take actions needed to clean our streets, beautify our neighborhoods, and encourage others to join our cause through organizing events and cleanup opportunities, as well as partner with other local organizations with the ultimate goal of keeping San Francisco free of refuse. 


A clean environment is a basic right for everyone. Dirty streets and neighborhoods are a health and safety concern as it brings about disease, hazards, and crime. Being a coastal city, our waste directly impacts the surrounding ocean and bay. Beyond that, the habit of cleanliness displays a sense of civic pride that percolates into other aspects of the community and demonstrates our love of this amazing city.


  • Established March 2021
  • 400 cleanups organized
  • 100,000 gallons of refuse collected (7,700 13-gal bags)
  • 4,000 unique volunteers
  • 50 new organizers activated
  • 14 corporate cleanups organized
  • 17 schools engaged in cleanup activities
  • 33 presentations of “SF Trash Talk” given

 *As of April 2022


Refuse Refuse aims to influence public policy related to waste management by engaging city government, elected officials, and fellow San Franciscans to push for and implement policies that work to keep our city clean.