Neighborhood Grants

San Francisco Beautiful is proud to announce the revival of its popular Neighborhood Beautification Grants program. Let us provide the funds that you need to beautify your neighborhood. Or someone else’s. As long as it is in San Francisco, that is fine with us.

What Is It?

Open to San Francisco residents and neighborhood groups, the Neighborhood Beautification Grants program once formed part of the bedrock of SFB’s popularity throughout SF. Beautification projects such as tree plantings, sidewalk steam cleaning,  decorating stairways were some of the more notable endeavors, but the nature and scope of eligible projects will be limited only by the applicant’s creativity and purpose.
SFB is now accepting applications for projects that will enhance the beauty and livability of your San Francisco neighborhood. The current round will start with the issuance of one dozen grants ranging in size, up to $5,000. SFB’s Grants Committee will review the applications submitted for these projects and make the final determinations about the grants. SFB’s goal is to have one dozen projects completed over the next twelve months, to allow for another round of grants underway heading into 2025.

How DOes it Work?

For consideration, please provide the indicated information on the application on this page. SFB’s Grants Committee will review all of the applications submitted. Depending on the nature of the project and application, the decision making process may require additional information or a modification from the applicant, and may take a few weeks to a few months. Applicants whose submissions are initially accepted will be contacted by SFB’s Grants Committee to further inform them of the project terms, and gather additional information.
Due to the expected number of applicants, there may be applications that are not initially accepted but could become eligible for later grants. If your proposed project is not accepted, feel free to submit another. SFB wants to know about what kinds of beautification projects SF residents and neighborhood groups believe are needed in different areas of the City.

Are There any Restrictions?

Only San Francisco residents and neighborhood groups or associations will be eligible for the program. The purpose of each applicant’s proposed project must be to beautify, or to enhance the livability of some part of the City.

Grants will be awarded only for “hard costs” (e.g. materials such as trees and other plantings, paint, lumber, and equipment or tools to be rented to complete the project). Grant funds will not include payments to individuals or volunteers who plan or carry out the projects, except for fees to reputable and licensed professionals (e.g. architects, engineers, contractors) or vendors who provide needed plans or specifications for the projects.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We are honored to be partnering with you in giving back to our city.


Invest in Neighborhoods

Above: Mural rendering by Kacie C.

Below: Fiber Art By NoeMesha W.