Why is our urban forest shrinking?

We like to think of San Francisco as a green city, yet our urban forest ranks among the lowest of American cities and our parks have billions in deferred maintenance needs. After decades of cuts, our trees and parks are literally falling apart. We can do better.

If you’re willing to fight for a greener city, join with us.

More than just beautiful – vital.

Trees and planted green spaces play an important role in an urban environment – reducing flooding and sewer overflows, calming traffic, providing wildlife habitat, maintaining air quality, reducing heat islands, and providing opportunities for connections and community building.

Together we make SF beautiful by:

  • Demanding funding for adequate care of our urban forest and greenspaces.
  • Converting underutilized land into public amenities.
  • Greatly expanding our urban forest.
  • Keeping clutter off sidewalks.


San Francisco Beautiful started the first citywide tree planting program in the early 60s. Learn more about our history.

What is a tree worth?

For every $1 invested in public trees, San Francisco receives $4.37 in benefits.

How much are you willing to invest?

What We've Done