Fillmore Beautification



Lower Fillmore is a fast-growing commercial corridor. From the lively entertainment scene to fine-dining and great local fare, this densely populated corridor has a rich history and a bright future.

Through a community design process and a micro-grant program we are investing $20,000 in streetscape improvements that will serve not only to increase foot traffic and identity, but to build community, and capacity for lasting change.


Project Goals

1. Build local leadership
2. Community-led design
3. Strengthen corridor identity
4. Improve curb appeal


Our project will be delivered in two parts: (1) small-scale streetscape improvements to the lower Fillmore Street Corridor via micro-grants to local small-businesses (2) one large-scale streetscape improvement to create a sense of place.


We listen to neighbors. We collect and analyze their public space improvement ideas. The most popular ideas are transformed into creative designs. Neighbors work with our staff to refine designs, then vote to select final neighborhood improvement projects.

Project Sponsors

Invest in Neighborhoods

Awesome Community Partners

1300 Fillmore • AMRCI • Betty Lin • Bill Graham Foundation • Brothers for Change • Bumzy’s Cookies • Community Clean Team • Department of Public Works • Electric Bicycle Superstore • Ella Hill Hutch Community Center • Fat Angel • Fillmore Auditorium • Fillmore Street Cafe • Fillmore Center • Fillmore Farmer’s Market • Fillmore Neighborhood Association • Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles • Handful Players • Infin8sync • Jazz Heritage Center • JDV Hotels • Live Nation • Mardi Gras SF • Miyako’s • One Stop Career Center • Rooster Retail • Sheba Piano Lounge • Social Study • State Bird Provisions • Supervisor London Breed• The Brooklyn Circus • The Musicians Project • Urban Solutions • The Village Project • Yoshi’s • Zinc Details • …and many more! •