Bhavna Misra

Bhavna Misra

Proposal – Circle of Compassion
For this series, Bhavna intends to create artworks around the proposed theme of Compassion. To accomplish this, she plans to apply techniques of realism and abstraction via carefully chosen color schemes and effective use of compositions.

Human faces & figures, elements of nature, wildlife, and their inter dependence will play a prominent role. With strong imagery, she hopes to offer meaningful art in public domain and reinforce the sense of warmth and hospitality in the viewer.

Artist Bio
Bhavna is a fine artist working out of her Fremont based art studio. She likes to surround herself with nature, beauty, and positivity that bring out the motivation to create harmonious, colorful compositions that aim to delight and inspire the sense of calm, cheer, and joy in the viewer. She observes life closely and interprets it into her drawings and paintings in her signature realistic infused with expressionistic full-palette style that incorporates bold strokes and rich marks to set rhythm in her work. The colors as seen through the planar positioning, relative interplay, and curiosity of unseen are guided to delight and hold the interest to explore more.

Bhavna was born in India and moved to United States in late nineties. She studied to earn master’s degree in Science and worked in that field for many years. She used to paint on the side and slowly transitioned to full-time professional art-making. She now owns and operates her studio full-time and regularly participates in art shows and competitions.

She lives in Bay Area and online at