Wes Wellner

2021 Muni Art - Wellner

Wes Wellner is a collage artist and graphic design student born and raised in San Francisco. Influenced by aspects of city life and subculture, he recreates cityscapes using clippings from vintage magazines. See Wes’s Art

Deirdre Weinberg

2021 Muni Art - Weinberg

I believe that art reflects the soul of a time, a people, a place.  It provides a critical outlet for its unheard or silenced rhythms, vibes and voices. I strive to make my artwork, public and private, a reflecting pool, a table of nourishment for thought, action, and truth, and a progressive force in recognizing and […]

John Keating

2021 Muni Art - Keating

John Keating is a Bay Area artist who was born in Philadelphia and has lived in San Francisco since 1974. He studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Academy of Art. Keating continues to create strong fluid character drawings from life as well as images of literary and famous figures from Hollywood […]

Agustina Caprioglio

2021 Muni Art - Caprioglio

I grew up in Argentina and I have been living in San Francisco for more than a decade. I am an illustrator and by painting my neighborhoods give me a sense of belonging. I worked the space in layers, inspired by Paul Cezanne. This helped me represent the buildings, the shades and nature in an overlapping […]

Kundan Baidwan

2021 Muni Art - Baidwan

Bay Area native, Kundan Baidwan, received her BA in Visual Art at UC San Diego, where she was twice selected for the honors studio program. After a stint as a restoration assistant in Paris, Baidwan lived in Brooklyn for several years, before returning to the Bay Area in 2007, and has since called San Francisco […]