About the Neighborhood

The Tenderloin neighborhood is situated in the flatlands of the southern slope of Nob Hill, between Union Square and Civic Center.

The Tenderloin has been a downtown residential community since shortly after the California Gold Rush in 1849. There is evidence that a community resided here several thousand years ago. In the 1960s, the area was excavated to develop the BART/MUNI subway station at Civic Center. During the excavation, the remains of a woman dated to be 5,000 years old were found. It also has a rich history for southeast asian, gay, and african american communities. Source: Wikipedia

Fun Fact: The apartment where Dashiell Hammett wrote The Maltese Falcon was at the corner of Hyde and Post. Both the movie and book The Maltese Falcon were based in San Francisco's Tenderloin. Source: Wikipedia

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Neighborhood Supervisor

City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, Ca 94102-4689
(415) 554-7970 - voice

Aides: Sunny Angulo, April Veneracion Ang & Ivy Lee

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