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San Francisco Beautiful and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) present Muni Art 2018. Partnering with the Poetry Society of America (sponsors of Poetry in Motion®) and Supervisor London Breed, Muni Art 2018 will transform ordinary buses into art galleries and for the first time local poetry will be included. The 100 Muni Art buses will showcase this year’s theme, “The Art of Poetry in San Francisco”. Five preselected poems will be interpreted visually by this year’s winners.

Given the extensive timeframe for soliciting, judging, and selecting artists, we are seeking your investment now to ensure the Muni Art Project 2018 is fully funded. Click here for details to support Muni Art.

This project, which is a first for San Francisco, breaks down every barrier to traditional fine art galleries by enabling every Muni rider to encounter a real art gallery just by getting on a bus. “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Muni Art 2018 Winners

Donavon Brutus
Poetry communicates life lessons. We're often not old enough to want to listen to them yet however. That's what I wanted to show in my piece. A young woman is preoccupied with life. Too much so to hear the lesson. Later in time she's experienced ups and downs and is ready to accept the wisdom with open arms. Through the other five selected poems I look forward to telling their stories through the diverse characters of the Bay Area. Visually this will be done through loose sweeping curves, bright colors, and geometric design.

Mara Hernandez
In a visual poem, visual language is the essence; and the verbal language functions as a complement to the image, where the verbal and iconic meaning converges in a mutual exploration. This series of visual poems aims to capture the curiosity of the public and illustrate awareness of poetry in San Francisco. Each piece explores a visual interpretation of a poem. Digital and traditional techniques engage in layers where the visual elements of color and textures causes words to vibrate as a result giving them a new visual context.

Tsungwei Moo
My art, like poetry, celebrates life in the sudden ash of the essential. When colors, gesture, details, emotions are crystalized into a new experience. The poetry of San Francisco is sung in every face, every language, of locals, immigrants, visitors. I have been interpreting this poetry, sketching, painting, exploring San Francisco through my art since I first arrived here from my native Taiwan ten years ago. I will share my unique view of San Francisco, with all of its diverse people and scenery, joys and challenges, so that one can “see and feel” the selected poems regardless of one’s language or cultural background. As a recently naturalized U.S. citizen, I know how it feels to live in two worlds. I will bring this sensibility to “Art of Poetry.” I will bring together the worlds of word and sight. Just as all of us, each day, are brought together on Muni.

Randi Pace
I explore the nature of the human condition as portrayed by the human face. I believe a face can portray meaning and evoke many layers of emotion. In the poem, “To a Student,” I believe the author is positing that poems are answers we didn’t even know we needed or perhaps roadways to answers in our lives. With my draft, I created the beginnings of a self-portrait that conveys a sense of contemplation and yearning. Feelings that I relate to when reading poetry, poems are mysteries that we figure out within ourselves. Poems can be very personal; this is why I think portraits are a wonderful medium in which to explore them. I would like to use San Franciscans as models for my portraits.

Janet Rumsey
Poetry speaks often of the invisible, while art is able to paint the invisible- a feeling, a moment or a bond. This series will visually communicate feelings otherwise unseen. Rather than literally illustrating the poems, the art will highlight hidden moments within the words and emotions. Filtered through my form of abstraction the art alongside the poem will create a whole. The use of simple lines, colors and people will be able to spark conversation, inspire kindness or ignite self-reflection.

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San Francisco has the third highest percentage of public transit commuters of any city in the United States. Public transit takes our residents to hospitals, schools, jobs and affords them access to the city’s plethora of cultural and arts events. Our Muni Art sponsors will have access to those 700,000 daily Muni riders.

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