What is the Listening Tour?

Starting in August 2014 we asked neighbors what they would do to improve their neighborhoods.

We collected and analyzed 2,522 ideas from 937 people from every district in San Francisco to prepare the 2014 Listening Tour Report.
When asked what is needed to improve the neighborhoods, these are the top three requests:

Livable Streets

Pedestrian-friendly, multi-modal, and clean.

Civic Character & Activation

Public spaces, events, and art for everyone.


Healthy landscaping, street trees, and parks.

Detailed Results

Livable Streets issues dominated the responses that we collected. People wanted more pedestrian amenities like benches and lighting. They also want clean sidewalks and traffic solutions for bikes and cars.

Civic Character and Activation also featured prominently. Neighbors want new public spaces and more art.

Greening for our streets and sidewalks with landscaping and trees rounded out the top 3 ideas that people shared to improve local neighborhoods.

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