Our organization

Since 1947 San Francisco Beautiful, a non-profit 501c3 organization, has been instrumental in creating and delivering community-centered design and public benefits. We are a trusted partner to San Francisco's diverse communities, known for bringing community based organizations together with regional government, philanthropic, and business sectors to improve the public realm. We leverage public, private, and philanthropic funds, volunteers and in-kind contributions for improvements on all public lands to maximize value and impact.

Our mission

Since 1947, we have served to create and protect the unique beauty and livability of San Francisco.


    We are proud of our history and our impact. Some of our successes include:
  • Saving San Francisco's cable car system
  • Launching the first citywide tree planting program
  • Capping the number of billboards in the city
  • Legalizing sidewalk seating
  • Creating developer and business tax set asides to fund public art & greening.

Read about these victories and more in our history.
"The role of the street is social as well as utilitarian." Andres Duany, co-founder of Congress for New Urbanism

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How we are funded

The work of San Francisco Beautiful is made possible from individual donations, memberships, fees for service, and foundation grants.