Monica Tiulescu

Teens of San Francisco

When I think of what makes up a city’s identity, it is the people that form the culture and individuality of neighborhoods. I am an architecture and design high school teacher at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco. I want to create a series of portrait paintings of my high school students identifying the neighborhoods they are being brought up in throughout San Francisco. They are part of the unique culture of their neighborhoods as well as influenced and nourished by the distinctive characteristics and cultures their neighborhoods offer.

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Lillian Shanahan

Bit by Bit

Every tiny detail of a neighborhood is a large contribution to its overall identity. Through the use of Perler beads I emphasize that important, yet small aspects of a community shape the greater picture when working together. In this current atmosphere of drastic change in San Francisco we must remember what initially attracted us to this city and what makes it unique before we tear down its history and culture for something more chic. I plan on choosing different SF neighborhoods and highlighting their local features using Perler beads as my medium.

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Luis Pinto

Las Historias de San Francisco

I propose the creation of vector illustrations of some of the more diverse yet common storefronts of San Francisco, illustrations of locations that serve as an emerging connective tissue for the locals and visitors of San Francisco to engage in- a new kind of visual network that ties architecture to cultural experience. I will utilize visual mark-making to tie location to experience and memory, all the while acknowledging the diverse representations of San Francisco’s inhabitants.

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Counterpoint Studio

City Walks

Our proposal for the San Francisco Beautiful Muni Art Project is to complete a series of images utilizing our distinctive collaborative approach to celebrate the diversity, landscape, and visual character of various neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. The goal of the artwork would be to establish a fun, bold, colorful, and familiar portrayal of these districts to enliven the transportation space and provide an opportunity for the public to concurrently see these places from many perspectives and points in time, giving more comprehensive knowledge of that space.

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Todd Kurnat

Sight Seeing: San Francisco Edition

San Francisco is known for its diversity in its cultures, neighborhoods, people, landscape, art, music – the list is long. However, often not considered is the diversity of animals that share our communities. My proposal for the Muni-Art Project is to showcase this diversity through portrait drawings of wildlife over a map of the San Francisco neighborhood where it is commonly found. For example, a Sea Lion over Fisherman’s Wharf or a Red Tail Hawk in Golden Gate Park or a Yellowtail Fish in Japantown. Like the different neighborhoods in San Francisco, each piece will be unique through the subject, color and map location – but like the city as a whole, the series will be cohesive through my illustration style and the project’s art direction. Using this formula, Muni buses will be sprinkled with color, style and art that is unique to our amazing city.

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