Ariel Dunitz-Johnson

With a total of 1,143 votes, Ariel Dunitz-Johnson came in first place with SWAY – contemporary queer portraiture. SWAY, is a series of hand drawn, pen and ink illustrations of people who contribute, in unique ways, to San Francisco’s thriving queer (LGBTQI) community.

"I strive to portray the humanity and distinctiveness of each person—the subtle differences in features, personal style, facial expressions—to capture what makes them, them." - Ariel

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Phillip Hua

Phillip received 1,053 votes for his project We Are San Francisco – Unified Portraits of A Divided San Francisco.

For my project proposal, I envision divided portraits of the people of San Francisco, merged with another. Plumbers with bankers, techies with tattoo artists. From the Presidio to the Portola, and the Marina to the Bayview. Just as Muni is a system that connects neighborhoods, the portraits are a way to connect, literally and figuratively, the rich cultural diversity of the city.

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Reynaldo R. Cayetano Jr.

Reynaldo received 742 votes for his project Nostalgia – an awakening of monochromatic interpretation.

Nostalgia is a mixed media body of work that is a collaboration of visual arts with film photography. Nostalgia is a mixture of black and white street photography which was shot, developed, and printed in the darkroom. The photos are of people in natural and candid settings, capturing emotion, affirmations, beauty, and an underlying soul of the city.

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Andria Lo

Andria Lo received 642 votes for her project An Urban Garden Portrait – colorful botanical collages.

An Urban Garden Portrait aims to honor the beauty and enriching presence of San Francisco’s urban gardens and greening. I'd like to fill buses with colorful, striking botanical photo collages, featuring native and drought ­tolerant plants from SF gardens.

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Todd Berman

Todd Berman received 619 votes for his project City of Awesome.

Like the community of San Francisco, the art is a group effort. My role is to rally people to contribute drawings of themselves taking action to make the city more awesome. Then, I cut and color each self-portrait and collage them into a painting, resulting in a chaotically colorful scene of community awesomeness in action.

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